Frozen: A 3rd Birthday Party!

Miriam, you had a super-fun albeit HOT birthday this year … many friends and family were here to celebrate the sweetness of you.

This was a fun year in that you were old enough to participate in the choices for your party. You chose a Frozen-themed party this year. We built Olaf out of marshmallows, candy corn, chocolate chips, and toothpicks as a party activity. We also played memory with Frozen characters and ate an amazing Elsa cake, made by your Aunt Tricia: cake-decorator extraordinaire!

You also chose your guest list:
Uncle J, Aunt Tricia, Zeke, Levi, and Zoë
Great-Aunt Judy and cousin, Seanna
Sawyer Partington and family
Harper Jacobs and family
Eliana Linville and family
Ben Pond and family
Lexi Lummus and family

Here’s some pictures to remember your day by:

Your birthday crown at Kids' City/Restore!
My birthday crown from Kids’ City/Restore!
You loved your birthday cake!
A gorgeous Elsa cake (and cupcakes)!

MES 3rd bday

A new sandbox from my family!
A new sandbox from your family!
Birthday donut at Donutology!
Birthday donut at Donutology!
Donutology with Mommy and Daddy!
Donutology with Mommy and Daddy!
SO happy with her new Elsa doll!
SO happy with your new Elsa doll!

MES 3rd party

Elsa cake and cupcakes - delish!
Elsa cake and cupcakes – delish!
Party fun with Olaf
Party fun with Olaf
Making Olaf!
Making Olaf!
Olaf was the clear winner at this party ;)
Olaf was the clear winner at this party 😉
More Elsa and Anna dolls
Your Elsa and Anna dolls

I love you so, Miriam Elayne! You are truly my brave, sweet, smart, and beautiful girl …

One thought on “Frozen: A 3rd Birthday Party!”

  1. What a FUN 3rd birthday, Miriam. So many nice gifts, friends and pictures to remember it by. Enjoy being ‘three’. Love, Mimi

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